Hair Cut

Hair Cut | Cat Caddy


It’s ok, I can just cover up the shaved patch with other parts of my hair. But, um.

I’ll be wearing a hat outside for the next few weeks.


At the Dentist

At the Dentist | Cat CaddyClick to enlarge.

Yes, those were my literal thoughts at the time. This hygienist was a bit too thorough in examining the landscape in there. I sat there conjuring up all manner of horrible things that might have gone wrong in my mouth in the last 6 months.

And then a BRAND NEW dentist walks in, and I’m trying hard to fight back panic and tears (as the only thing that kept me going at all was the trust I had built up with the dentist I had, who recently moved away, I’m screwed). Then he opens my mouth, moves my tongue around, and says “I’M JUST CHECKING FOR CANCER.” Jesus!

Oh, and I have some work that he wanted to have done. So it was an immediate trip to the Xanax distribution store after that. And then I cried at the smoothie shop.

And this is my mental process every time I get my teeth cleaned!