A Nerd Christmas

So here’s the haul this year, from a houseful of nerds:

Cat Caddy | Enterprise Pizza Cutter

An Enterprise pizza cutter, oh my god!!

Cat Caddy | Comics

Comic books from my absolute favorite author, Jeffrey Brown. If you haven’t read his stuff you really should!

Cat Caddy | Dr. Who scarf

And last but not least, my present to Poli: a perfect handmade* Dr. Who scarf! Yay for supporting our fandoms!

*No, I didn’t make it. I bought it on Etsy. Support small business, yay!

Hope you all had good holidays!


Troi Isn’t Really Very Good at Her Job…

Cat Caddy | Troi Isn't Very Good at Her Job...

Cat Caddy | Troi Isn't Very Good at Her Job 2

(Click to enlarge!)

Here are some lovely Troi comics drawn by my dear friend, Politesse (he’s the one I’m usually talking to in my comics). So I guess this is a guest post of sorts! Yay Star Trek comics!