Hair Cut

Hair Cut | Cat Caddy


It’s ok, I can just cover up the shaved patch with other parts of my hair. But, um.

I’ll be wearing a hat outside for the next few weeks.



So, here’s a weird problem I’ve been having. Honestly I’ve never once thought that I would have this problem in particular. People have been complaining about my weight.

Cat Caddy | Too Skinny

Guys. I weigh 125 pounds (~56 kilos for everyone else)! What?

You know why this upsets me? Because my whole life I’ve been told I was too chubby!

I guess in our fat-obsessed culture it’s comforting to be told I’m too skinny. It’s like insurance. People are informing me that I have a little room to grow before they stop loving me, and I’m in no danger of pushing those boundaries. And that’s good, because when I was younger and 125 pounds didn’t quite fit me so well, people were riding my ass every day about my personal failure as a human being.

So you can see why this turnaround is so frustrating. Like, wait, what exactly do you want? You don’t want me to be fat, but you don’t like me being skinny either? Make up your mind! How much do you want me to weigh?!

I’m also getting pretty sick of fat-shaming. If you’re fat, you’re blamed, made fun of, chided, degraded, nagged at, and intimidated. Science comes out and says Wooooo, if you’re two pounds too much you’re gonna die also you’re ugly. When people see you, everything has to get weird. Doctors act like you’re belligerent and stupid, flight attendants have to ask you if you’ve bought a second ticket for your “extra baggage,” everyone who walks by wonders where your cheeseburgers are as you sit and try to eat your salad. You go on relationship forums and somehow fat always comes up, either as a relationship deal-breaker or because someone is trying to apologize for their attraction to a fat person with a timid Well, she’s not really my -type- but she’s got a great personality! Fuck!

So skinny people face two facts. One, no one likes it when you’re a little on the lean side. Eat a cheeseburger, jesus! Two, boy, you’d better not get fat or we will give you hell. That shit’s not cool!

I have kind of a crazy idea. How about we stop concentrating so much on everybody’s weight? Take all your science and health bulletins and shove it. No one needs more fuel for shitting on the appearance of others.

I’m going to come out and say it: I think fat is beautiful.

Unless it’s mine. I don’t need the extra resentment.