Hey, guys!


Did I tell you I started an instagram account for one panel diary things? Follow me here! Right now most of my followers are fly-by-night marketers who followed me because of an ill-advised hashtag choice on my part, so if you like following actual humans who make stuff, well. There I am. And it’s my birthday and stuff. Maybe I’ll finally get around to buying the rest of the supplies I need for my home brew kit.

In other news:

The eclipse!


This was taken at peak coverage (from the upper central valley in CA) through my eclipse glasses. I did not get to travel to see totality because of work, but at least I got to sit on my porch with tea and watch this. Also watching with me was this dude:

a buddy

So that’s what’s been going on with me lately. Summer is pretty busy for me but I did manage to make it out to Oregon in June. These were some pictures I took at our attempted trip to Heceta Head lighthouse:

Beach forest

Coastal Oregon

We didn’t make it up to the lighthouse because it was cold and rainy and windy and the pitiable Arizonans among us couldn’t handle it (me). Ha. That’ll show me for taking a summer vacation to the beach in the summer.


Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

Thought I’d do one of these for fun. I think you’re supposed to include what’s in your bag, but I don’t have a bag, so I just included what’s in my kitchen.

In a few years, that’ll be beer-making equipment.