Pokemon Go


I guess I’m sort of reposting this. I made a tumblr to post random art and stuff. You should check it out. I had made another tumblr for personality jokes and stuff, and I am blown away by the amount of reception it has received. Apparently shit gets around on tumblr.

Anyway. Pokemon Go. This has been a fun game, insofar as I’ve been able to play it, because my town is a dead zone. Few gyms, next to no pokestops. I live in a city but it’s not the kind of city that has a lot of historical interests or artistic fixtures, the kinds of things the original players of Ingress would have submitted for what was to become our pokestops. So if I want to play in earnest, I have to go to the big cities like San Francisco or Sacramento. I do that anyway, and now it feels like I have an incentive.

So here I am on the Golden Gate bridge, pausing my game to take a photo:


All the pokemon were three steps away, which probably meant the game wanted me to go into the water below to catch them. Uh. Oh well. I did get to see a whale.


I mean, kind of?

I tried again on the Richmond bridge when we were crawling through traffic, going slow enough so that it would look, to the game, like I was walking. Not much there either. Oh well. I guess I was hoping major landmarks would have more stuff going on, but not really. But if you do go to these places, the entrances to the bridge have a lot going on. Got a lot of eggs and pokemon there.

Anyway. So yeah. Go Team Mystic! See you on the streets!