Hello again

I’m still alive! As usual I’ve been doing a ton of things. I didn’t even do my Christmas post this year. So let’s do some catching up.

Here’s where I went for Christmas:


Finally made it to Stumptown in Portland! We had to make an extra stop to get to do it, but I don’t regret it. I wish I lived in Portland so I could take some of the training classes. I’m really anxious to learn more about specialty coffee preparation but I live in a place where you are lucky to find a starbucks. Still, though, specialty coffee is becoming more of a thing so I am hoping in the next few years it might be possible.

When I go up the coast to Seattle I try to hit as many local places as possible, and each year I make a list of where I go. This year I ended up going mostly to the same favorites: Case Coffee Roasters in Ashland, OR; Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters in Florence, OR; and Seattle Coffee Works in Seattle, WA. But when I arrived in Ashland on the first night of our trip, I stopped into a beer/coffee place called The Growler Guys and got a beer instead.

I almost had to turn right the fuck around and get my stuff from California. I have to move to Oregon.

Not one but several sour varieties were on offer when I asked. That right there is reason enough to move. That, and I’m obsessed with Oregon and can’t stop thinking about how much I want to live there. Anyway, moving on.

Here’s what I got for Christmas:


Well, I had to make it first. But it was much easier to make than other metal models I’ve tried, haha.

Anyway, things have actually been decent. We moved in August last year and ever since then I’ve been working on all kinds of projects. I just got a new laptop with a new version of Photoshop so I’m pretty excited about where that’ll take things artistically. I’ve been writing and drawing and making things. It’s a good place to be.

Recently I took an online comics class (through Kadenze.com) and it has just wrapped up, so I wanted to post the comics I made for the class here over the next few weeks. Regular updates, yay! You’ll see those soon!