Thanksgiving 2015

We’re doing Thanksgiving on our own this year. Just Poli, the cat, and I.

And we’re more or less vegetarians (“more or less” because we totally eat meat sometimes) so we’re having vegetarian Thanksgiving! Check out this spread:


That is mushroom loaf with gravy and butternut squash and kale stuffed shells with homemade bread! (And boxed stuffing because….we didn’t make that.)

So I decided to go through a few things this year that I’m thankful for. It’s been a pretty good year. Not without its stresses, but altogether we got to some good places.

I’m thankful for our new apartment:


We have a lot (or had when it was warmer) of these guys around. We even started naming them. Very cool.

I’m thankful for living in California and having this be our late November display:


It’s still rather moderate in temperature and for weeks the trees were so confused. No October in October. We have to wait until nearly December before fall starts happening.

I’m thankful for some of the cool places we’ve been. Here’s a photo from a recent coastal trip we took for a wedding:


It was in Fort Bragg, CA, from the hotel. Pretty nice place. Of course, it was November on the coast, so the weather was sunny, warm, and perfect. Go figure!

I’m thankful for good coffee:


Locally roasted beans in my San Francisco mug.

And most importantly, I am thankful for this new chair I bought for myself Nikita.


Nikita is thankful for everything.