Don’t Think Too Hard

Heh, I said nervously, as I scurried away and continued my deliberation in another aisle

Not to leave you hanging on all my Very Important Thoughts. The moral of this story is that other people observe me stopping to think and forgetting to start again.

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Cat Color Scheme

Damnit, cat!I didn’t pick Nikita for her color, but she does happen to be my favorite color, so when I saw her as a kitten in a litter I couldn’t help but notice. And she does match my clothes.

Down the line, I assumed the natural extension of this would be to get a black cat to accompany her along with the other half of my wardrobe, but what came upon us was the loudest visual distinction from what I wear as possible. Artemis is pretty, but I sure take her everywhere even when we haven’t touched that day.

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