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I said I was sorry!(Posted from Uncertain Comic)


New webcomic: Uncertain

Well, you guys. I’ve been pretty silent around here and I promised you that the reason was because I was working on a real project, by which I mean something structured and consistent. That day is finally here!


It’s a comic about my awkwardness, my introversion, my distrust and my fear. Hopefully it’ll be about my successes, too.

I’ve had pretty cold feet about launching into the world of publicizing myself and networking and promoting. I’ve done it a couple of times in the past with projects I sort of grew out of (though to this day people keep bringing them up). I think I felt like the voice I had was disingenuous somehow, and it was. I thought you had to be a certain kind of person to do a comic and be successful at it. I thought you had to have permission, and this permission was hard to come by or even define. You had to somehow convince a world of strangers that you mattered and you were worth listening to. And then I went to a comic expo where I was surrounded by people exactly like me, doing exactly what I wanted to do. That’s when I realized that comics are a conversation, not a lecture or a dissertation from some distant podium. I never felt qualified to squint at my readers far off in the distance and load their ears with my Very Important Insights. But when I realized that comics are a two-way street, a conversation between us and humanity who then go on to make their own comics or write their own blogs, I thought…why the fuck aren’t I saying anything?

Cat Caddy’s not going away. It’s still my place for rants and observations and little comics and drawings that don’t fit over there. But please do check it out. 🙂

Update Oct. 2015: Uncertain will no longer be updated. I am back-posting them on Cat Caddy.