Christmas Show and Tell

Every year I like to do a recap of the nerd-haul I got for Christmas, because what better time of year to celebrate all your fandoms?

Mew Figure

This one was a super find for me. I’ve been wanting a Mew figurine since I was 12. I managed to get a Mewtwo a few years back (my other favorite Pokemon) but never found a good Mew, until I saw this sitting in a kiosk in the middle of a Seattle area mall. Best Christmas gift to myself ever.


I am so excited about this. It’s a steel model of a ship that we’ll be assembling, and it’ll look so cool when it’s finished. Pictures to come perhaps?


This one’s not really a gift. It’s my tradition to get a coffee mug every time I go to Seattle, so here’s this year’s. I also managed to get into the original Starbucks at Pike Place, and while I got no pictures or commemorative memorabilia, I did get a coffee. It’s a caramel brulĂ©e latte I will never forget.


This shirt is just great. Poli and I like to support each other’s fandoms, so here is his contribution to mine. I never considered myself a super-fan of the Big Bang Theory until I got this shirt. Now I’m a super-fan. Sheldon A++ would buy again.

And last but not least is the gift you can’t see, but it is responsible for this entire post. I got a lovely digital camera to replace my old beat up one that can’t hold a charge (and my iPod touch camera which had replaced that one) so now I get to take lots of awesome pictures. Mostly of my cats and nerd toys, but still. They’ll be great quality!

Hope your season was nerdy and awesome!


Merry Christmas and etc.


Thanks to my friend Poli for the above!

As usual I’ve been making cookies and crocheting things. And as expected, Artemis has been doing everything imaginable to make us regret getting a tree this year. She steals ornaments, climbs up the tree, unravels the lights, forces the other cats onto the mantle to knock over the glass decorations. Yay.

So here’s what I’m making this year:



Everyone’s getting them as my contribution to the gift giving. And since this is the spirit of the season of giving, let me talk about what I’m getting myself.

Mostly clothes. Well, ok, pretty much the clothes I’ve been needing for a long time. And also a few nice things for winter. It’s nice to finally have a budget where I can buy a few coat and sweater type things as well as layering garments which are always great. Also, books to get me through the lengthy family gatherings.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Looking forward to the new year!