Happy New Years!

Cat Caddy | New Years

And happy 6 months Cat Caddy!

When I started this thing I had intended it to be a no-pressure, bullshit for fun blog. And then people started reading it and following it and all sorts of things! And they weren’t even people I had badgered to read my blog in real life! Wow!

So thanks everyone for finding me and finding this blog interesting enough to read regularly! It has been really awesome doing this and getting to know you all!

Hoping next year is just as awesome!

<3, Grey


3 thoughts on “Happy New Years!

  1. Thanks for sharing your silliness! I came on after the retail strip you did for My Name Isn’t Medium Coffee – and he’s the reason I started blogging at all (I read EVERYTHING he wrote)! I really enjoy your work and sense of humor.


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