A Nerd Christmas

So here’s the haul this year, from a houseful of nerds:

Cat Caddy | Enterprise Pizza Cutter

An Enterprise pizza cutter, oh my god!!

Cat Caddy | Comics

Comic books from my absolute favorite author, Jeffrey Brown. If you haven’t read his stuff you really should!

Cat Caddy | Dr. Who scarf

And last but not least, my present to Poli: a perfect handmade* Dr. Who scarf! Yay for supporting our fandoms!

*No, I didn’t make it. I bought it on Etsy. Support small business, yay!

Hope you all had good holidays!



I omfg love Christmas! This is my favorite time of year by far (starting with October and harvest season and ending after Orthodox Christmas in January, or as I like to say, I-was-too-lazy-to-take-the-tree-down-until-January-was-halfway-over Orthodox Christmas).

First, we get the tree set up:

Cat caddy | Tree

One year, my college roommate in Colorado looked at the tree I had put up and said, “…What’s with all the desert stuff? When I think Christmas, I don’t think of cactus!”

Most of my childhood ornaments are desert themed. Coyotes, saguaros, lizards, and so on. I grew up in the wilderness outside of Tucson and every year, instead of expecting snow and coldness, we’d tie red bows around the saguaros in our front yard. Santa didn’t come through the chimney; we didn’t have one. He’d have to walk through the front door like everyone else. Our Christmas cards were an evening silhouette of Tucson’s skyline, Christmas lights had to be cactus-friendly, and our gift exchanges consisted of Prickly Pear Something or Other.

Now that I’m an adult, my ornament collections have shifted over to a musical theme. I absolutely love miniature models of instruments so there are a bunch hanging on my tree. Anyone who wants to get to my heart knows that the way to do it is to get me a miniature saxophone or something. I can’t stop myself buying one of these when I see one!

But now I’ve got a new thing I like to do every year: crochet snowflakes!

Cat Caddy | Snowflake

These ones were made last year. It’s pretty badass to make a bunch and give them away to friends and family, so when you see their trees you think I contributed to that.

After that, it’s time for cookies!

 Cat Caddy | Cookies

Gingerbread cookies with cinnamon vanilla icing! I’ve never made this kind before and they came out really well. And they’re even better with eggnog and gingerbread tea and peppermint mochas and omnomnomasjfhaksdfjahskdf!

Now for the best part: the presents!

Cat Caddy | Nikita Tree

That one’s for me, I hope!

Oops, better wrap it up though!

Cat Caddy | Nikita Present

Yay, Christmas!