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Cat Caddy |  Pet Peeve


Best sandwich recipe:

-Toasted whole/multigrain nutty or seedy bread
-Pepperjack or colby jack or cheddar cheese
-Blueberries or sliced strawberries (Yes, they do go good with meat and cheese, try it!)

This sandwich is the best! And it covers all the food groups, yay!

Anyways. People! Leave me alone when I’m in the kitchen doing something!

What is the Deal With My Little Pony?

MLP Crazy

I’ve been seeing this Pony shit everywhere. I have to admit I was totally confused by this movement, so I typed what is the deal with My Little Pony? into Google. And here’s what the internet said. Watch it, it’s actually a pretty good show.

So I did. The above gif was my initial reaction.