Cat Caddy

In case you were wondering, there is a story behind the name of this blog.

One day, my friend called me up to tell me she had gotten a pet stroller for her cat. This was awesome because she actually took him out shopping in it, and everyone loved looking in and seeing it was a cat and not a baby. And her cat did look awfully cute in it.

Well, that year on my birthday I went outside to find a huge package. It was a pet stroller!

1 | Cat Caddy

This is my cat, Nikita.

I have to admit I wasn’t entirely sure I could convince her to get in and go out on the town with me. She’s not exactly docile. But what’s the harm in asking, right?

2 | Cat Caddy


3 | Cat Caddy

So, I got this stroller for cats, and I was wondering if you’d like to take a ride in it? You know, like, outside?

4 | Cat Caddy

The next few minutes were spent putting the thing together and trying to find the cat. She had lodged herself up on the higher cupboards in the kitchen, looking down at us dubiously.

5 | Cat Caddy

C’mon, Nikita. Just try the thing out!

To her credit, she did come down and take a sniff. She didn’t even object (too much) when we set her inside.

6 | Cat Caddy

And so we were ready for the outside world! We got her loaded, took her down the stairs, and pushed her around the apartment complex parking lot. She wailed and yowled, and the maintenance guys walking by gave us funny looks. But I wasn’t ready to concede defeat. I wanted to take her downtown.

As soon as we drove the buggy towards the open street, a particularly loud truck barreled past on the road we were turning towards. A desperate cry emanated from the cat, who had been settling down up until that point. I knew then that there would be no downtown.

When we got her back to the house, I opened it up to find the thing completely soiled. She had voided all available waste throughout the entire “waterproof” (not!) cushion and underlining. I could hear her laughing under the bed while I bleached, scrubbed, and tried to revitalize the cat stroller. The end result was a slightly less urine scented buggy.

Oh well. Next time, maybe?

And so came the inspiration for the name of this blog!

(I apologize for the low quality of the photos. They were taken with my Ipod in bad lighting.)


4 thoughts on “Cat Caddy

  1. Oh, is it okay to laugh? Poor Nkki! Poor you!

    I actually looked once or twice in second-hand stores for one of those baby-carriers that go on your chest – I have a cat that would LOVE that. But, he loves the car, too…

    • Aww! I would love a cat who wanted to be carried like that! My cat will seriously not stand for any of this kind of thing. Maybe Nikita needs a little sister. 🙂

      • I have to say I’m a bit sexist when it comes to cats! I like boys better. They just seem more loving, in my experience.

        Also, be careful what you wish for. Same cat will NOT leave me alone and talks constantly and loudly when not getting enough attention. He’s a Bengal and just plain isn’t normal.

      • Lol!

        I’ve always preferred female cats, but I have to admit that Nikita in particular has a rather…violent definition of “loving.”

        She can be clingy when she wants to be, though, that’s for sure.


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