Going Out (With OCD)

Going Out (With OCD) | Cat Caddy

Makes going out a bit of a chore!

(Yeah, I wear glasses. Don’t ask me why I never bothered to draw them before.)


5 thoughts on “Going Out (With OCD)

      • I assumed you have the art-closet with you! But it was the industrial-size can of wipes that really made me think it. I would drive you crazy. If it can’t fit in my pockets, I don’t need it. Then again, I have nowhere to go that I would be able to create. I really can’t imagine settling down in a corner of a pub to draw/write!

      • I’ll admit, I feel a little silly busting all this stuff out when I go to sit at a coffeeshop. I always feel like omg they’re going to think I think they don’t clean the tables well enough or something. But when you’re drawing, you have to have a clean surface. No crumbs, no spilled coffee or pastry grease or whatever. So there’s that benefit to wiping things down too.

        I love going out to work, actually. It’s motivating and it’s nice being around other people sometimes, even if I don’t interact with them, haha!

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