Hey, guys!


Did I tell you I started an instagram account for one panel diary things? Follow me here! Right now most of my followers are fly-by-night marketers who followed me because of an ill-advised hashtag choice on my part, so if you like following actual humans who make stuff, well. There I am. And it’s my birthday and stuff. Maybe I’ll finally get around to buying the rest of the supplies I need for my home brew kit.

In other news:

The eclipse!


This was taken at peak coverage (from the upper central valley in CA) through my eclipse glasses. I did not get to travel to see totality because of work, but at least I got to sit on my porch with tea and watch this. Also watching with me was this dude:

a buddy

So that’s what’s been going on with me lately. Summer is pretty busy for me but I did manage to make it out to Oregon in June. These were some pictures I took at our attempted trip to Heceta Head lighthouse:

Beach forest

Coastal Oregon

We didn’t make it up to the lighthouse because it was cold and rainy and windy and the pitiable Arizonans among us couldn’t handle it (me). Ha. That’ll show me for taking a summer vacation to the beach in the summer.


Menstrual Cups

Hey guys. I know it’s been awhile.

I’ve actually been doing quite a lot over at Idionity and I’ve even joined Instagram and have been posting things over there. I’m trying to be more socially engaged and put myself out there more, but this blog in particular has definitely seen some tumbleweeds. Luckily, I’ve got a Topic That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else to bring some life back to Cat Caddy!

I wasn’t going to write about this because number one, it’s a pretty personal (and TMI/gross out) topic, and number two, it’s pretty uncomfortable for a lot of people to think about.

But I’m so excited about this experience (and was so desperate for information about it when I was starting out) that I feel compelled to write about it.

So, here we go:

Why the menstrual cup is a game changer for period-havers, behind the cut:

(Warning: Shark Week descriptions ahead!)

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Christmas 2016

Hey everyone. Been kind of quiet around here. But, I’ve been hard at work on my new personality/psychology of self blog, Idionity. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should!

As you know, we usually do our interstate traveling this time of year and I always post about it. We did Arizona and Oregon this time. Even though we didn’t visit Seattle, it was still a hell of a lot of driving. But let’s start at the beginning.

We went with a white tree this year:

christmas tree

Usually we have a live one but with so much traveling and the inconvenience of apartment living it just seemed less practical. And I’ve always wanted a white tree! I took a shot of one of my favorite ornaments, though a few of those are from my childhood (baby’s first Christmas 1986!). People have figured out that my tree has a musical theme and every year I get a new instrument.

It’s also the season for trying new recipes, so I made a few of these for a Christmas gathering:

oreo peanut butter pie

This is a Peanut butter Pie with Oreo crust, a recipe from Kevin and Amanda. I used double-stuffed Oreos to make the crust and added butterscotch chips to the chocolate coating at the top, and let me tell you. You may only be able to eat one slice of this in your lifetime, but it is the best damn thing you’ll ever eat. Would make again, but make sure you bring this to a party because you’ll need the help.

Speaking of recipes, look what Santa brought me:

beer making kit


I know, right?

I haven’t started my first batch yet. When I do, I’ll post pictures of the progress!

Every year when I go to Oregon (and usually, Washington) I do my local coffeeshop tour, because the coffee there is great. But then the Big S rolled out these damn things, and…well. They got me.

state ornaments

One for each state, and they only sell them in the states you buy them in. Making a crazy dash across the country to collect as many as possible (not to mention the Pokemon in Pokemon Go) is inevitable. But I stopped myself at only the states I physically visited.

(Yes, you can order the other states online, but that’s cheating.)

I still got my coffee at Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters near the bridge, though.

siuslaw river bridge

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope this year is better than the last! May the beer be good and plentiful!


Pokemon Go


I guess I’m sort of reposting this. I made a tumblr to post random art and stuff. You should check it out. I had made another tumblr for personality jokes and stuff, and I am blown away by the amount of reception it has received. Apparently shit gets around on tumblr.

Anyway. Pokemon Go. This has been a fun game, insofar as I’ve been able to play it, because my town is a dead zone. Few gyms, next to no pokestops. I live in a city but it’s not the kind of city that has a lot of historical interests or artistic fixtures, the kinds of things the original players of Ingress would have submitted for what was to become our pokestops. So if I want to play in earnest, I have to go to the big cities like San Francisco or Sacramento. I do that anyway, and now it feels like I have an incentive.

So here I am on the Golden Gate bridge, pausing my game to take a photo:


All the pokemon were three steps away, which probably meant the game wanted me to go into the water below to catch them. Uh. Oh well. I did get to see a whale.


I mean, kind of?

I tried again on the Richmond bridge when we were crawling through traffic, going slow enough so that it would look, to the game, like I was walking. Not much there either. Oh well. I guess I was hoping major landmarks would have more stuff going on, but not really. But if you do go to these places, the entrances to the bridge have a lot going on. Got a lot of eggs and pokemon there.

Anyway. So yeah. Go Team Mystic! See you on the streets!